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First winner of our "My First Web" contest, organized in collaboration with Regionalni tjednik, is -

Pediatric dispensary Mirjana Kolarek Karakaš!

Commercial/Secretary office

Tajnička usluga

  • You do not have a secretary?
  • You do not have a commercialist?
  • You do not use a computer?
  • Your work is mainly infield, and your office is empty while the phones are ringing?
  • You are occupied with your primary work and have no time to spare for the time consuming nuances?

You need someone to do it for you!

Our office will provide you with:

  • we will direct our attention to the demand for the goods or services significant for your industry, and proceed requests to you
  • according to your need, you can proceed the calls to us; we will receive messages for 24 hours and proceed the notes to you by sending a fax or an SMS
  • if needed, we will give you an e-mail address
  • each and every mail that we receive will be proceeded to your fax machine or telephone
  • we will find the best offer for the purchase of goods, services, or for the partnership you are looking for
  • if you are buying or investing in a real estate, we will have our attention on the market and inform you regularly about the best offers
  • if needed, we will write, finalize, format and send the offers you composed. We will be your commercialist.
  • we will take care of your car and property insurance
  • we will take organizational and administrative care of your sales actions, and we will give you statistical reports
  • we will analyze your existing clients database, or find information and make contacts according to your choice
  • we will administrate the data input about your company in some more important phonebooks and web directories
  • we will advertise the offer of your goods and services on the Internet
  • if needed, we will initiate you into how to work with a computer, how to use your e-mail and the Internet, we will advise you on how to choose a computer, software, and we will take care of the antivirus protection
  • the moment you want to hire a full-time secretary/commercialist, we will initiate her/him into the work, hand over the duties, and continue helping her/him for a month after you have stopped using our services

FROM OUR OFFER: for each company that agrees upon using our services on a yearly basis, web page making is included in the price


For detailed information, do not hesitate to contact us  or  send us an e-mail .

Useful forms for doing business and cooperation with Valdez Business Services

Offered forms are made in order to be useful and to save up your valuable time. We would appreciate if you did not publish these forms on other websites except by making the link to the original document.

In case you feel that the production of similar documents is only a waste of your valuable time, we advise you to consider the option of using our secretary services.

For smaller companies in which a secretary is needed, but they do not have the capacity to hire a full-time secretary, our secretarial services are the ideal solution.

We thank to all the users.


Web page content form - Sadržaj web stranice (Word document)

Cession contract form - Ugovor o cesiji

Local driving form - Loko vožnja (Excell sheet)
Local driving form - Loko vožnja (Adobe pdf)

Chamber tax form - Komorski doprinos (Adobe pdf)
Chamber tax form - Komorski doprinos (Excell sheet)

VAT form - Prijava pdv-a (Adobe pdf)

Order form - Narudžbenica (Excell sheet)

Travel warrant form - Putni nalog (Excell sheet)

Payment form - Uplatnica (Word document)
Payment form - Uplatnica laserski pisač (Word document)

Sent mail form - Knjiga pošte (Excell sheet)

Envelope - Koverta mala (Word document)
Envelope - Koverta srednja (Word document)

Domain registration form - Registracija domene (Word document)

Barter trade form - Kompenzacija (Word document)