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First winner of our "My First Web" contest, organized in collaboration with Regionalni tjednik, is -

Pediatric dispensary Mirjana Kolarek Karakaš!

30.01.08 17:24 Age: 11 yrs

Why promote on the web or invest in internet marketing?


As 2007. ends with under 2.000.000 internet users in Croatia, more often than not, companies pick up on the need to promote their products on the internet.

Some researches estimate e-trade growth in 2008 to $750 million, and over a billion by 2010. Fairly basic logic dictates that missing out on such an opportunity can severely damage any striving company.

As buyers more and more reach for online buying, and even traditional shopping is prepared by collecting intelligence online it is virtually impossible to deny the necessity of internet marketing.

In order to provide startups with the opportunity to step out in to the uncertain waters of internet, we at Valdez business services have prepared Valdez web promotions already at the price of 199kn per month. This provides you with the opportunity to present your business online without the additional weight of maintenance, hosting, SEO and other parameters that affect the overall success of your net endeavor.