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First winner of our "My First Web" contest, organized in collaboration with Regionalni tjednik, is -

Pediatric dispensary Mirjana Kolarek Karakaš!

Vision of Valdez Business Services

Our vision is to be a competent partner and a business support system for smaller and medium sized companies.

Our main field of work is development, implementation and the upkeep of the information systems, with special emphasis on web technology, web application development, web design, and web marketing.  

In accordance with our vision, we base our offer on four main segments:

  • web systems (web design, cms design, TYPO3 cms)
  • marketing (internet marketing, Google AdWords, web promotions, telemarketing, billboards)
  • client support (commercial/secretary services, business mediation)
  • business services (application server, collecting offers)
  • free services (useful forms, free web design for fresh entrepreneurs)

As a company working in the field of internet technologies, we cooperate with companies that operate in compatible field of work in order to offer quality services for our clients. We also develop the net of business partners and associates, both in Croatia and abroad. Our goal is to continually raise the quality of our services for our clients, and at the same time to be competent on the global market.

Valdez business services

Web design is based on easily accessible and quality CMS pages which are directed towards the promotion of your business and towards encompassing the larger circle of potential clients. The design of web pages of high quality, which we constantly monitor and update in order for them to gain a better position at search engines (SEO optimization), enables you to get a quality return of the resources you invested.

For those clients who want a translation in English, Italian, or some other language, or they want a web page in a foreign language to be translated to Croatian, we, together with our partners - translators and interpreters, have made the making of your multilingual web pages possible. This makes your web pages easily accessible for the clients in the foreign markets. 

For those clients who do not need their own web page we have prepared web promotions which enable the presentation of a product or service  of the same quality, which are sometimes even better positioned than a company’s independent web page. 

Sponsored links, which are sometimes called Web jumbo posters, are very efficient in target advertising on the Internet because they are presented to a certain group of users which is already actively searching the Internet for exactly that product or service. Moreover, they are one of the cheapest ways of marketing business in general that can be easily measured.

With us you can arrange not only the virtual web jumbo posters/sponsored links on Google, but also the design of billboards, which will help you to promote your company or trade at an attractive location in a quality and proactive way, or to advertise a current activity.

Among our services we offer the service of collecting offers, which is intended for those who are too busy with their everyday errands, who do not have time to check the market thoroughly and to collect offers for what they are looking for, and in the end, to choose what is best for them.

The concept of virtual secretary is based on the idea of doing the office work over the telephone and the Internet with occasional presence at your office. Our virtual secretaries will do all the work that your office demands and thus free and enable you to do what you do best.

Services we offer present a very efficient enforcement to your everyday business. We offer our clients support by taking over their business and offering them services which follow the office business, marketing, commercial, and the Internet presentation.